Internal and external issues, which are related to the purpose and strategic direction of our company and affect the ability to reach the result/results of the environmental OHS and Quality management systems, have determined the internal and external issues, the conditions of the relevant parties. -ILO-IMO etc. and EU Ship Recycling Regulation MEPC (Marine Environmental Protection committee decisions)have integrated the Environmental and OHS legislation obligations into its activities.

Legal requirements are fulfilled by creating processes, procedures, instructions and related documents for the implementation of the relevant legislation, ensures the separation of wastes at the source, carries out OHS and environmental measurements of hazardous wastes through licensed companies, through accredited institutions and GEMİSANDER, and takes the necessary measures(noise, vibration, emission, dust, sea water, soil analysis - periodic controls of construction equipment, grounding, etc.) in case of exceeding the values ​​/ non-compliance.

OHS - Environmental legal regulations are followed by the management officer. In case of amendment/repeal and new publication, it shall be published by stating it in the form of evaluation of compliance with the legislation. It enables implementation.

The company provides raw materials, reusable electrical-electronic-machinery/deck equipment and equipment to the shipbuilding and yacht industry of the scrap metal and metals resulting from the dismantling of scrap ships to the iron and steel industry. In this context, it ensures to increase satisfaction by measuring customer satisfaction.

The company receives services from the Ship Recycling Industrialists' Association and institutions that have permission and license for the radiation-gasfree-waste inventory, which must be done before the scrap ships are dismantled.

Occupational Health and Safety from the contracted OSGB firm, and consultancy from the Dangerous Goods Safety Consultancy firm.

The company provides the OHS/Environmental training needs and competence of the employees through the OSGB and the institution/experts.

The company has the necessary equipment to be ready for fire, work accident, sea pollution and natural disasters that may occur in its activities. With the drills, it is ensured that the employees are ready for emergencies. Equipment support is received from GEMİSANDER.