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Human Resources Policy

It is essential for Ersay Gemi Recycling to train innovative, experienced and qualified manpower required by the information society and to embrace dynamics that have become knowledge-based. For this purpose, it is to support the sharing of the corporate culture that reflects the multidimensional perspective by all employees.

In addition to education and research, we attach importance to recruiting individuals who are inquiring, committed to ethical values, have a critical perspective and corporate culture to our management staff, and we rely on the employment of human resources in this direction.

Our main approach is to create an effective and efficient organization by providing employee satisfaction with proactive human resources practices, with a broad perspective and a management approach created in line with the company's goals, to create work teams with a teamwork spirit and to help employees' motivation in order to realize our strategic goals.

It is a point of departure that we attach importance to reflect the multidimensional perspective of Ersay Gemi Recycling to all of our human resources practices, as an equal and humane approach, free from any discrimination such as religion, language, race or gender.

Our principle is to be a company that makes a difference in the sector in terms of service and work quality, employee satisfaction and corporate loyalty in order to support the personal development of our employees from the education and training quality of Ersay Gemi Recycling.