Ersay Ship Recycling ; It is among the leading companies in the sector with its sensitivity on the environment and human health.


Our Corporate Profile

As Ersay Ship Recycling Inc., we have been continuing to serve with our expert team in the field of ship recycling since 2014. Our company contributes to today's ship recycling industry with its professional approach and forward-thinking initiatives.

With our team that produces with maximum efficiency, we continue our activities in accordance with the rules, respectful to the environment and nature. Our company has been awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 30000 and HKC, EU SRR certificates in accordance with the green ship recycling rules and meeting all legal requirements.

Ship Recycling is a production that turns scrap into valuable goods and recycles used natural resources. At this point, our company supports the effective and efficient use of natural resources, and we determine our company's working principles in this direction.

Our Vision

To be a reliable and reputable organization of Turkey, which continuously develops its own methods in our field of expertise and pioneers the sector in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our company in the national / international market.

Our Mission

To be respectful to the environment and nature's resources by constantly improving our product and service quality, to contribute to our company and economy through metal recycling…


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Machinery and Equipment

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Our Reference Projects